An Alpha Leads and Follows

We all lead and we all follow. There are many more times in my life that I am the follower to people much smarter, experienced, stronger, and successful, in various aspects.  I am following them trying to learn as much as I can to then bring back and apply to my specific circle of influence.  Like your elementary school teachers say “you have 2 ears and 1 mouth so spend twice as much time listening to others as you do talking.”  This should mean you spend twice the amount of time following as you do leading.

Finding your Alpha means identifying your specific circle of influence.  Finding where you have the capacity to be a leader.   To bring those people and that population truths and information that can impact and improve their lives and then they can take that and will influence their circle with that information.  This creates an Alpha culture that then allows you to make huge impact on an exponential amount of people!