Alpha Teen will prioritize strength and conditioning to provide the physical skill necessary to dominate on the field and the court.  Athletes will gain speed, strength, endurance and learn to move safely. The program doesn’t stop there!

Alpha Teen will also build a winning mindset and attitude of leadership in order to become a true investment to any coach now or in the future.  Developing and cultivating a winning mindset and mental toughness is key to every single successful athlete.

It is not enough to simply train our young athletes in the gym.  In order to build the strongest athletes on the field it requires dedication and commitment to becoming more off the field and out of the gym as well.



3 CrossFit Training Sessions per Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday

Online Training Platform (Workplace by Facebook)

Topics include:

  • Nutrition
  • Mobility
  • Mindset/Mental Toughness
  • Leadership


$50/Month with a 30 Day cancellation notice.