Alpha Defined

The term Alpha conjures up certain stereotypes.  This typically is due to the often misunderstood term of “the alpha male”.  Most hear that term and immediately shift their thoughts to a person who is arrogant and cocky, macho, judgmental and even narcissistic.

This is also referred to as a type A personality. Additionally if the Type A person is defined as having all of those traits that would mean conversely that the Type B person would be the opposite.  So at this point now we have negatively defined and pigeon holed all of humanity into either an arrogant jerk or a weak minded wimp. Clearly this is not the case. Let’s redefine what it means to be an Alpha.

An Alpha is simply defined as “the dominant animal or human in a group”  The pack is a tightly knit, organized group led by the Alpha wolf. Now let’s go further.  As humans we need to define the group and also need to define that group’s vision or mission.

This provides more insight in that Alpha simply means leader.   As we all know leaders come in all forms.  Great leaders and horrible leaders. Just like there are great people you know that are Alphas and absolutely horrible people you know that are Alphas.